Discover Gardens by the Bay: Singapore's Iconic Attractions

Gardens by the Bay is a sprawling, 101-hectare public garden in Singapore. It features spectacular attractions, such as towering Supertrees, the world’s largest glass greenhouse, Cloud Forest, Flower Dome and OCBC Skyway. These attractions at Gardens by the Bay Singapore provide beautiful and unique experiences that are fun for everyone, from the giant lawns suitable for play and picnics to the suspension bridge in the Supertrees.

Gardens by the Bay Singapore Spectacular Attraction

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore: Summary

  • Attraction Name: Gardens by the Bay
  • Country: Singapore
  • Continent: Asia
  • Capital Name: Singapore
  • Language: Malay, English, Tamil, Mandarin
  • Currency: Singapore Dollar
  • Nationality: Singaporean
  • Category: #Destination #Asia #SINGAPORE

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore: A Green Oasis in the City


Gardens by the Bay is a sprawling 250-acre garden located in the heart of Singapore, comprising two main areas: the Bay South Garden and the Bay East Garden. This iconic attraction is celebrated for its innovative design, sustainable practices, and stunning horticultural displays.

Key Attractions

Gardens by the Bay features several prominent attractions that draw visitors from around the world, including the renowned Flower Dome and the awe-inspiring Cloud Forest.

Bay South Garden: A Paradise of Gardens

The Bay South Garden is the largest section of Gardens by the Bay, offering a diverse array of gardens and attractions that showcase the beauty of nature in various forms.

Gardens and Features

Visitors can explore themed gardens such as the Cloud Forest, Manuli Hill, Sun Pavilion, and the Outdoor Gardens. Each area within the Bay South Garden offers unique landscapes, intricate plant displays, and striking sculptures set amidst lush greenery and water features.

The Flower Dome: Floral Splendor Year-Round

The Flower Dome stands as the highlight of the Bay South Garden, housing a captivating collection of flowers and plants sourced from across the globe.

Floral Diversity

Inside the Flower Dome, visitors can admire a wide variety of flora, including African daisies, cacti, cycads, pitcher plants, and orchids. The botanical displays are meticulously curated to showcase different ecosystems and seasonal blooms, ensuring a vibrant and ever-changing landscape.

The Cloud Forest: A Misty Tropical Wonderland

Another iconic attraction within the Bay South Garden is the Cloud Forest, featuring a towering 35-meter tall cooled conservatory filled with tropical vegetation and stunning vertical gardens.

Atmospheric Experience

The Cloud Forest offers an immersive experience with its mist-shrouded mountain peak, showcasing rare plants and orchids amidst cascading waterfalls. Visitors can wander through elevated walkways and explore different levels of the conservatory, learning about biodiversity and conservation in a mesmerizing setting.

Educational Opportunities and Sustainability

Beyond its beauty, Gardens by the Bay serves as an educational hub, hosting seminars, workshops, and exhibitions on garden science and sustainability practices.

Learning Center

Visitors can participate in educational programs that highlight the importance of conservation and ecological sustainability, making Gardens by the Bay not only a place of leisure but also a center for environmental education.


Gardens by the Bay offers a harmonious blend of natural beauty, innovative design, and educational experiences in the heart of Singapore. Whether you’re captivated by the floral wonders of the Flower Dome, enchanted by the misty allure of the Cloud Forest, or interested in learning about sustainable gardening practices, a visit to Gardens by the Bay promises an enriching and unforgettable experience for all ages.

Things to Do in Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Explore the Iconic Gardens

Gardens by the Bay is a world-renowned destination in Singapore, offering a blend of natural beauty and innovative architecture. Here’s a guide to the top activities and attractions within this iconic park:

Discover the Cloud Forest

Venture into the Cloud Forest, where an eight-story mountain veiled in mist awaits. Explore this surreal environment filled with rare plants, cascading waterfalls, and a diverse array of flora and fauna. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the world’s largest indoor waterfall in this enchanting conservatory.

Experience the Supertree Grove

Stroll through the Supertree Grove, home to 18 towering Supertrees ranging from 9 to 16 storeys tall. These vertical gardens are marvels of sustainable architecture, featuring a canopy walkway known as the OCBC Skyway. In the evening, catch the Garden Rhapsody show, where these Supertrees come alive with dazzling lights and music.

Explore the Flower Dome

Step into the Flower Dome to immerse yourself in a world of botanical wonders. Marvel at the ever-changing displays of exotic plants from different regions across the globe. The Flower Dome’s stunning floral displays and cool-dry climate offer a refreshing escape into nature.

OCBC Skyway Adventure

Ascend the OCBC Skyway for a breathtaking aerial view of the Supertree Grove and panoramic vistas of the Gardens. This 128-meter-long skywalk provides a unique perspective of the park’s lush landscapes and architectural marvels.

Dining with a View

Indulge in a dining experience at one of Gardens by the Bay’s high-altitude restaurants, such as Pollen or Supertree by IndoChine. Enjoy a three-course meal surrounded by lush gardens and greenhouses, offering a serene dining ambiance amidst nature.

Family-Friendly Activities

Bring your children to the Children’s Garden, a dedicated area where they can engage in interactive play, explore rainforest trails, and learn about nature through educational experiences. The Children’s Garden encourages creativity, learning, and exploration in a fun and safe environment.

Educational Workshops and Tours

Participate in educational activities and workshops that delve into gardening, biodiversity, and sustainability. Gardens by the Bay offers a variety of guided tours, including food trails, plant explorations, nature walks, and even Segway tours, providing insights into the park’s ecological initiatives and cultural significance.


Gardens by the Bay is more than just a park; it’s a multifaceted destination offering something for everyone. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or educational experiences, you’ll find it all amidst the stunning landscapes and innovative attractions of Gardens by the Bay, making it a must-visit for both locals and tourists in Singapore.

Best Foods at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Culinary Delights to Explore

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore, not only offers breathtaking gardens and iconic structures but also boasts a variety of culinary experiences that cater to diverse tastes and preferences.

Signature Dishes and Dining Options

Explore some of the top culinary highlights at Gardens by the Bay:

Local Delicacies

Chicken Rice from the Chicken Rice Factory

The Chicken Rice Factory at Gardens by the Bay serves up a classic Singaporean favorite: tender poached chicken paired with fragrant rice cooked in chicken broth. This dish epitomizes Singapore’s culinary heritage and is a must-try for visitors looking to savor authentic local flavors.

Nasi Lemak from Warong Nasi Pariaman

Warong Nasi Pariaman offers a delicious rendition of Nasi Lemak, a traditional Malay dish featuring coconut rice served with anchovies, peanuts, cucumber slices, hard-boiled egg, and spicy sambal. It’s a flavorful choice that showcases the richness of Malay cuisine.

Hainanese Curry Rice from Yao Shun

Yao Shun specializes in Hainanese Curry Rice, a comforting dish that includes steamed rice topped with a variety of curries, meats, and vegetables. This hearty meal is perfect for those craving a satisfying and flavorful dining experience.

Seafood and International Flavors

Grilled Lobster from Coastes

Coastes offers grilled lobster, a seafood delicacy that combines fresh lobster with a choice of sauces and sides. This dish promises a taste of luxury amidst the scenic views of Gardens by the Bay, making it an ideal choice for seafood enthusiasts.

Singapore Laksa from The Coconut Club

The Coconut Club serves up Singapore Laksa, a spicy noodle soup with coconut milk broth, prawns, fish cakes, and a medley of aromatic spices. This dish exemplifies the robust flavors of Singaporean cuisine and is a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Satay from Shipshape Satay

Shipshape Satay specializes in satay, skewered and grilled meat served with peanut sauce and a side of rice cakes. This popular street food dish is perfect for a quick and flavorsome bite while exploring Gardens by the Bay.

Fresh and Light Options

Salads from Da Braci

Da Braci offers a selection of fresh salads that incorporate seasonal ingredients and artisanal dressings. These salads provide a refreshing option for visitors looking for lighter fare amidst their garden exploration.

Ice Cream from Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise serves botanical-inspired ice creams crafted from natural ingredients and unique flavors like Pandan and Strawberry Basil. It’s a delightful treat to enjoy while strolling through Gardens by the Bay.

International Cuisine

Thai Food from Edge

Edge offers a variety of Thai dishes, ranging from aromatic curries to spicy salads and stir-fries. This restaurant provides a taste of Thailand’s culinary traditions within the lush surroundings of Gardens by the Bay.

Sushi from Crazy Gyoza

Crazy Gyoza specializes in sushi, featuring fresh seafood and creative sushi rolls that appeal to sushi aficionados. It’s a great spot to indulge in Japanese cuisine while enjoying views of the gardens.

Best Hotels to Stay in Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Top Hotels in the Heart of Gardens by the Bay Chinese Garden Area

M Social Singapore

M Social Singapore offers contemporary design and vibrant ambiance in the heart of the Chinese Garden area near Gardens by the Bay. With stylish rooms and a rooftop pool overlooking the city skyline, it’s ideal for travelers seeking modern comforts and easy access to nearby attractions.

Luxury and Panoramic Views

The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore

The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore combines luxury with panoramic views of Marina Bay. Located a short distance from Gardens by the Bay, this hotel offers luxurious rooms, impeccable service, and stunning waterfront dining options, perfect for discerning travelers.

Tranquil Oasis in the City

Hotel Miramar

Hotel Miramar provides a tranquil oasis amidst the bustling city. Located near Gardens by the Bay, it offers spacious rooms, a rooftop pool, and a serene environment ideal for relaxation after exploring Singapore’s attractions.

Contemporary Elegance and Convenience

Amara Singapore

Amara Singapore blends contemporary elegance with convenience. Situated close to Gardens by the Bay, this hotel features modern amenities, including a rooftop infinity pool and stylish rooms, ensuring a comfortable stay for both leisure and business travelers.

Iconic Luxury and Integrated Resort Experience

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is an iconic integrated resort offering unparalleled luxury and spectacular views of Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay. With its world-class accommodations, rooftop infinity pool, and diverse entertainment options, it promises an unforgettable stay in Singapore.

Eco-Friendly Urban Retreat

PARKROYAL on Pickering

PARKROYAL on Pickering offers an eco-friendly urban retreat near Gardens by the Bay. Known for its lush sky gardens, stylish rooms, and sustainable practices, this hotel provides a refreshing escape amidst Singapore’s urban landscape.

Skyline Views and Modern Comforts

Swissotel The Stamford

Swissotel The Stamford offers breathtaking skyline views and modern comforts. Located conveniently near Gardens by the Bay, it features spacious rooms, multiple dining options, and extensive leisure facilities, catering to both leisure and business travelers.

Vibrant Stay near Clarke Quay

Park Hotel Clarke Quay

Park Hotel Clarke Quay offers a vibrant stay near Gardens by the Bay and Clarke Quay. With its contemporary rooms, riverside dining options, and proximity to nightlife and entertainment, it’s an excellent choice for guests looking to explore both cultural and leisure attractions.

Innovative Design and Compact Luxury

YOTEL Singapore

YOTEL Singapore offers innovative design and compact luxury near Gardens by the Bay. Known for its smartly designed cabins and convenient location, it provides a tech-savvy and comfortable stay for travelers seeking efficiency and style.

Classic Elegance and Modern Comfort

Fairmont Singapore

Fairmont Singapore combines classic elegance with modern comfort. Located within easy reach of Gardens by the Bay, it offers luxurious rooms, fine dining experiences, and exceptional service, ensuring a memorable stay in Singapore.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Gardens by the Bay Singapore: Your Ultimate Guide

Explore the latest destination attraction with ease through our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions guide. Discover insightful answers to common queries, providing a seamless experience. Your journey begins with clarity and confidence as we address uncertainties and offer essential information. Let this guide enhance your adventure, ensuring you make the most of the latest destination attraction, leaving no question unanswered.

Where is Gardens by the Bay located?

Gardens by the Bay is located at 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018953. It is situated in the Marina Bay area, near popular landmarks such as Marina Bay Sands and the Marina Reservoir. The gardens are easily accessible and well-connected to the city’s public transport network, making it a convenient destination for both locals and tourists.

How to go to Gardens by the Bay?

To get to Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, you can follow these directions:

By Public Transport

  1. MRT (Mass Rapid Transit):
    • Bayfront Station (CE1/DT16):
      • Take the Circle Line or Downtown Line and alight at Bayfront MRT Station.
      • Follow the exit signs to Gardens by the Bay and use Exit B.
      • Walk through the underground linkway and follow the signs to Gardens by the Bay.
  2. Bus:
    • Bus Services:
      • Bus numbers 400 and 402 stop near Gardens by the Bay.
      • Alight at the bus stop along Marina Gardens Drive.

By Car

  • Driving Directions:
    • If you’re driving, head towards Marina Gardens Drive.
    • Enter the gardens via the main entrance at Marina Gardens Drive.
    • There are several car parks available, including the Main Entrance Basement Car Park and the Meadow Car Park.

By Taxi or Ride-Hailing Service

  • Simply instruct the driver to take you to Gardens by the Bay, located at 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018953.
  • Taxis and ride-hailing services can drop you off directly at the main entrance.

By Bicycle or Foot

  • Walking/Cycling:
    • If you’re coming from Marina Bay Sands, you can walk or cycle via the Marina Bay Sands boardwalk and cross the Dragonfly Bridge into the gardens.
    • Gardens by the Bay is also connected to the Marina Bay area through pedestrian pathways and cycling routes.

These directions should help you reach Gardens by the Bay conveniently, whether you’re traveling by public transport, car, taxi, ride-hailing service, bicycle, or on foot.

What are Gardens by the Bay's must-visit attractions or landmarks?

Gardens by the Bay features several must-visit attractions and landmarks that make it a standout destination:

  1. Supertree Grove: These iconic tree-like structures are a symbol of Gardens by the Bay. They come alive at night with the Garden Rhapsody light and sound show, creating a magical atmosphere.
  2. Cloud Forest: This cooled conservatory replicates the cool-moist climate of tropical mountain regions and features a stunning indoor waterfall, lush vegetation, and a Cloud Walk that offers spectacular views.
  3. Flower Dome: Another cooled conservatory, the Flower Dome showcases plants from Mediterranean and semi-arid regions. It features a variety of themed gardens and seasonal floral displays.
  4. OCBC Skyway: A walkway that connects two Supertrees, offering panoramic views of the gardens and Marina Bay skyline. It’s a great spot for photography and to appreciate the scale of the Supertree Grove.
  5. Floral Fantasy: An immersive attraction that combines floral artistry, 4D multimedia experiences, and creative displays to create a whimsical world of flowers.
  6. Far East Organization Children’s Garden: This area is perfect for families, featuring water play areas, interactive playgrounds, and educational programs designed for children.
  7. Dragonfly & Kingfisher Lakes: These scenic lakes are home to diverse wildlife and provide serene spots for a relaxing walk or photography. The lakes also feature beautiful sculptures and art installations.
  8. Heritage Gardens: These gardens explore the cultural significance of plants in Singapore’s history and are divided into four themed areas: Indian, Chinese, Malay, and Colonial.

These attractions collectively offer a diverse and enriching experience, showcasing the beauty of nature and innovative design at Gardens by the Bay.

Is Gardens by the Bay a suitable travel destination for solo adventurers, honeymooning couples, or those traveling with families?

Gardens by the Bay is an excellent travel destination for a variety of visitors:

  1. Solo Adventurers: Solo travelers can enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the gardens at their own pace, explore the diverse plant collections, and take stunning photographs. The gardens provide a peaceful retreat and numerous opportunities for solo exploration.
  2. Honeymooning Couples: The romantic atmosphere, especially in the evening with the Garden Rhapsody light show, makes it an ideal spot for couples. The Cloud Forest and Flower Dome offer beautiful backdrops for memorable moments, and there are several dining options for a romantic meal.
  3. Families: Families will find plenty of activities and attractions to keep children entertained, such as the Far East Organization Children’s Garden with its water play area and interactive exhibits. The wide open spaces and engaging displays make it a fun and educational outing for kids and adults alike.

Overall, Gardens by the Bay offers something for everyone, making it a versatile and enjoyable destination for solo adventurers, honeymooning couples, and families.

Why should you visit Gardens by the Bay?

There are several compelling reasons to visit Gardens by the Bay in Singapore:

  1. Unique Attractions: The gardens feature iconic attractions such as the Supertree Grove, Cloud Forest, and Flower Dome, each offering unique experiences and breathtaking views.
  2. Biodiversity: Gardens by the Bay showcases a vast array of plant species from different climates and regions, providing an educational and visually stunning experience for nature enthusiasts.
  3. Spectacular Light Shows: The Garden Rhapsody light and sound show at Supertree Grove is a must-see, offering a magical and immersive experience in the evening.
  4. Art and Architecture: The innovative design and architecture of the conservatories and Supertrees are a marvel, blending nature with cutting-edge technology.
  5. Family-Friendly: There are plenty of activities and attractions for families, including the Far East Organization Children’s Garden, which features water play areas and educational exhibits.
  6. Photography Opportunities: The stunning landscapes, unique structures, and vibrant plant displays provide endless photo opportunities for photography enthusiasts.
  7. Accessibility: Gardens by the Bay is easily accessible via public transport and offers amenities and facilities to accommodate visitors of all ages and abilities.
  8. Cultural and Seasonal Events: The gardens host various events and festivals throughout the year, celebrating different cultures and seasons with special displays and activities.

Visiting Gardens by the Bay provides a blend of natural beauty, innovative design, and cultural experiences, making it a top destination for both tourists and locals in Singapore.

Is it difficult to find halal food in Gardens by the Bay?

No, it is not difficult to find halal food at Gardens by the Bay. Several dining options within the gardens offer halal-certified meals. Some notable places include:

  1. Satay by the Bay: This outdoor food court offers various halal options, including satay, seafood, and other local dishes.
  2. McDonald’s: Located at Gardens by the Bay, McDonald’s serves halal-certified food.
  3. Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant: They offer a range of seafood dishes and have halal-certified options.

These options ensure that visitors looking for halal food can enjoy their visit to Gardens by the Bay without any dietary concerns.

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