Changi Jurassic Mile Adventure Singapore

Experience amazing dinosaur reveals at Changi Jurassic Mile Adventure! Get a glimpse of ancient times and witness a realistic prehistoric journey with life-sized dinosaurs and more. Come explore with your family for a unique and educational experience.

Changi Jurassic Mile Adventure Singapore

Changi Jurassic Mile Adventure Singapore Summary

  • Attraction Name: Changi Jurassic Mile Adventure Singapore
  • Country: Singapore
  • Continent: Asia
  • Capital Name: Singapore
  • Language: Malay, English, Tamil, Mandarin
  • Currency: Singapore Dollar
  • Nationality: Singaporean

Visitors to the Changi Jurassic Mile Adventure Singapore can expect an immersive and interactive experience with interactive installations and life-sized dinosaurs. The Changi Airport is known for its fun attractions, and this is just the latest addition to its already stellar lineup. Visitors can enjoy a range of activities including interactive games, augmented reality experiences, and family-friendly programming. It’s a great way to learn about dinosaurs and their history right in the heart of Singapore!

Tell us about Changi Jurassic Mile Adventure Singapore

Changi Jurassic Mile Adventure Singapore is an immersive dinosaur exhibition located in Changi Airport. The showcase celebrates the history and culture of pre-historic times and features life-sized models of some of the world’s most iconic dinosaurs. Inside the exhibition you will find eight different themed zones, each overflowing with interactive exhibits, technological wonders, and realistic dinosaurs.

Visitors can also go on a virtual reality adventure to explore the days of the dinosaurs, learn about the history and evolution of life on earth, and digitally interact with pre-historic beasts.

What are the things to do in Changi Jurassic Mile Adventure Singapore?

Changi Jurassic Mile Adventure, located at Changi Airport in Singapore, is an interactive experience featuring life-sized dinosaurs, lush greenery, and adventure activities. It is designed to bring the exciting world of dinosaurs right to your doorstep. Here are some of the highlights of Changi Jurassic Mile Adventure:

  1. Dinosaur Encounter: Visitors can take a leisurely stroll along the 1.3km-long Jurassic Mile trail and take in the sights of 19 different dinosaur sculptures, crafted with incredible detail and realism.
  2. Interactive Playground: There is an interactive playground with various interactive features to keep kids entertained. Great for family fun.
  3. Nature Trail: Experience nature at its best with a nature trail in the midst of lush greenery. Admire the different species of native and migratory birds, observe plants and animals, and play sightseeings.
  4. Movies and Animations: Get immersed in the Dino Park experience with lifelike movies and animations.
  5. Education Programs: Learn more about different dinosaurs, their anatomy and extinction with special educational programs.
  6. Dinosaur Workshop: Have fun crafting your own dinosaurs such as a T-Rex, Triceratops or Velociraptor.
  7. Fossil Digging Site: Dig for fossils and find out more about the history of dinosaurs. This is an interesting activity for children, and an educational and fun experience for the whole family.
  8. Activity Sessions: Have a great time participating in hands-on activities like scavenger hunts and dinosaur-themed activities.
  9. Adventure Activities: Get ready for thrills with amazing adventure activities like zip-lining, rock-climbing, and swing rides.

Overall, Changi Jurassic Mile Adventure has a lot to offer! Whether you’re looking for a fun and educational experience, or simply a chance to admire some prehistoric creatures, this Adventure promises a memorable and exciting experience.

What are the best foods at Changi Jurassic Mile Adventure Singapore?

The best food offerings at Changi Jurassic Mile Adventure include Rock & Reef Cafe, Jurassic Kitchen, Raptor Rations and the Grab-and-Go counters. Rock & Reef Cafe serves classic local fare with a twist, Jurassic Kitchen offers a range of Asian dishes, Raptor Rations offers international cuisine and the Grab-and-Go counters offer a range of quick snacks such as premium pies, sandwiches, fruit juices, and ice cream.

What are the best hotels to stay in Changi Jurassic Mile Adventure Singapore?

The best hotels to stay in Changi Jurassic Mile Adventure are:

  1. Village Hotel Changi
  2. The Changi Hotel
  3. Crowne Plaza Changi Airport
  4. Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa
  5. Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa
  6. Village Hotel Katong
  7. Changi Coast Hotel
  8. Hotel 81 Changi
  9. Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

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