Malindi Marine National Park, Indian Ocean Coast of Kenya

Malindi Marine National Park is a protected marine reserve located in Kenya. The park is home to coral reefs, mangroves, seagrass beds and a variety of unique fish and wildlife. Visitors can enjoy snorkeling and swimming, as well as visiting historical sites. Tours and activities for the whole family are available.

Malindi Marine National Park is an important conservation area in Kenya, located at the mouth of the Goshi River in the Indian Ocean. It is home to a rich variety of marine life, including coral reefs, sea grass beds, dugongs, and a wealth of tropical fish species. The park also provides a habitat for many threatened and endangered species, such as the Hawksbill and Green Turtles.

Malindi Marine National Park Kenya Indian Ocean

Malindi Marine National Park Kenya Indian Ocean Summary

  • Attraction Name: Malindi Marine National Park
  • Country: Kenya
  • Continent: African
  • Capital Name: Nairobi
  • Language: Swahili, English
  • Currency: Kenyan Shilling
  • Nationality: Kenyan

Tell us about Malindi Marine National Park Kenya

Malindi Marine National Park Kenya is an area of protected marine conservation located in coastal Kenya along the Indian Ocean front. The marine park covers an area of 240 sq km and includes some of Kenya’s most stunning coral reefs. Malindi Marine National Park is home to a rich array of marine life including reef fish, coral, seabirds, and green turtles. The protected environment is also home to a thriving population of mangroves and provides nesting grounds for sea turtles and other endangered species.

Visitors to the park can explore the waters by diving or snorkeling, in order to see the many colorful fish, coral, and other aquatic life. The park is also a great spot for boat trips and for fishing. The park’s restrictions on fishing mean that fish populations are much healthier than in other areas of the Kenyan coast, making it a great place for sport fishing.

What are the things to do in Malindi Marine National Park Kenya?

Malindi Marine National Park is a beautiful and diverse marine park located off the coast of Malindi, Kenya. It has a wide variety of activities for tourists and locals alike. Here are some of the top things to do at Malindi Marine National Park.

  1. Scuba Diving: Malindi Marine National Park is a great spot for scuba diving. It is considered one of the best diving sites in the country due to its warm, crystal-clear waters teeming with diverse marine life. Experience the local exotic coral reefs, wrecks, and more.
  2. Snorkeling: Malindi Marine National Park has plenty of shallow areas that are perfect for snorkeling. Dig deeper into the park and discover colorful fish, octopus, sharks, and other fascinating creatures that can only be seen by snorkeling.
  3. Fishing: The park is well known for its excellent sports fishing opportunities. For visitors looking to catch the big ones, Malindi Marine National Park is the right place. Different types of fish such as kingfish, queenfish, and barracuda are commonly caught.
  4. Boat Excursions: Take a boat out and explore the park from a completely different perspective. Get an up-close look at dolphins, turtles, and a variety of birds that inhabit the area. There are also plenty of breathtaking views of the nearby islands and cays.
  5. Beach Picnic: Enjoy a day at the beach with a picnic. The park is lined with stunning white-sand beaches that are perfect for sun worshipers looking for a relaxed atmosphere. Relax, read a book, or enjoy some delicious local cuisine.
  6. Safari: Want to explore the park’s diverse wildlife? Malindi Marine National Park offers several safari tours that will take you farther inland and let you spot zebras, antelopes, wildebeest, and other animals.
  7. Kayaking: Kayaking is another great way to explore the park. Navigate your way through the mangroves, rivers, and coves while listening to the sound of the birds and monkeys in the trees.
  8. Windsurfing: For thrill-seekers, windsurfing is a great option. The waters of the park are relatively calm, making it perfect for all levels of windsurfers.
  9. Camping: For a truly unique experience, spend the night in the park by camping. Set up your tent and enjoy the starry sky, the peaceful sound of the water, and the smell of the sea all around you.

Malindi Marine National Park has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for an adventure or a relaxing getaway, the park is an ideal destination. From spectacular beaches to amazing wildlife, your time in Malindi Marine National Park will be truly transformative.

What are the best foods at Malindi Marine National Park Kenya?

The best foods to try at Malindi Marine National Park?

  1. Fish Curry: A delightful fish curry that is cooked in coconut milk, garlic, and spices is a Malindi classic.
  2. Fried Octopus: Get ready for the crunchy and salty flavor of the fried octopus served at Malindi Marine National Park.
  3. Olive Tuna with Masala Coconut: The Olive Tuna with Masala Coconut is a must-try at the Marine Park, made with marinated tuna chunks and olives cooked in a flavorful blend of coconut and spices.
  4. Shrimp Pilau: The Shrimp Pilau is a type of spicy rice dish, cooked with tomatoes, onions, and other spices along with the main ingredient being shrimp.
  5. Coconut Stew: The Coconut Stew is a rich and robust dish, cooked with chili and herb-infused coconut milk and is served with fresh seafood.
  6. Coconut Fish: Malindi Marine National Park is known for its many delicious coconut fish dishes. The succulent fish is cooked with garlic, ginger, and a mix of exotic spices.
  7. Ngalazi: This is a Malindi specialty; a type of fish stew made with tomatoes, coconut milk, onions, garlic, and a mix of spices. It is typically served with rice.

What are the best hotels to stay in Malindi Marine National Park Kenya?

The best hotels to stay in Malindi Marine National Park are:

  1. G-Platinum Resort
  2. Neptune Village Beach Resort & Spa
  3. Villa Mango
  4. Kilifi Plantation Beach Resort
  5. La Verde Hotel
  6. Blue Marlin Hotel
  7. Hibiscus Beach Hotel & Spa
  8. Oysterbay Beach Resort
  9. The Bluebay Beach Resort & Spa
  10. Mediterraneo Resort

Frequently Asked Questions: Your Guide to Malindi Marine National Park

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What are Malindi Marine National Park's nearby must-visit attractions or landmarks?

Malindi Marine National Park, located along the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya, offers a rich marine ecosystem with coral reefs, diverse fish species, and vibrant underwater life. While the park itself is a major attraction, there are several nearby must-visit places that enhance the overall experience. Here are some nearby attractions and landmarks:

  1. Watamu Marine National Park and Reserve:
    • Watamu, located to the south of Malindi, is renowned for its marine park and reserve. Watamu Marine National Park offers excellent snorkeling and diving opportunities with colorful coral reefs and diverse marine life.
  2. Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve:
    • Explore the Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve, situated inland from Malindi. It is the largest coastal forest in East Africa and is known for its biodiversity, including rare bird species, elephants, and the endemic golden-rumped elephant shrew.
  3. Gede Ruins:
    • Visit the nearby Gede Ruins, an archaeological site that was once a Swahili-Arab coastal town. The ruins include mosques, houses, and other structures, providing insights into the region’s historical and cultural heritage.
  4. Bio-Ken Snake Farm:
    • Located in Watamu, the Bio-Ken Snake Farm is a research and educational facility that focuses on snakebite treatment and snake conservation. Guided tours offer visitors a chance to learn about various snake species.
  5. Malindi Town:
    • Explore Malindi Town itself, which has a mix of cultural, historical, and modern attractions. Visit the Vasco da Gama Pillar, the Malindi Museum, and the Jami Mosque, among other landmarks.
  6. Marafa Depression (Hells Kitchen):
    • About an hour’s drive from Malindi, the Marafa Depression, also known as Hells Kitchen, is a geological marvel with sandstone cliffs and canyons. The site offers unique landscapes and scenic views.
  7. Che Shale Beach:
    • Che Shale, situated north of Malindi, is known for its pristine and less crowded beaches. It’s a tranquil spot for relaxation and water activities.
  8. Mida Creek:
    • Mida Creek is an estuarine area with mangrove forests, located near Watamu. It’s a birdwatcher’s paradise, and visitors can explore the creek by boat, spotting various bird species.
  9. Hemingways Watamu:
    • Enjoy luxury and fine dining at Hemingways Watamu, a renowned beachfront resort that offers world-class amenities, including restaurants, spa facilities, and water sports.
  10. Silversands Beach Resort:
    • Silversands Beach Resort is another upscale accommodation option with a beautiful beachfront location, providing a luxurious retreat.
  11. Local Markets:
    • Experience the local culture by exploring markets in Malindi and Watamu. These markets offer a variety of crafts, souvenirs, and local products.

When planning your visit to Malindi Marine National Park, consider exploring these nearby attractions to add cultural, historical, and natural diversity to your itinerary. Each destination contributes to the overall charm and richness of the coastal region in Kenya.

Why should you visit Malindi Marine National Park?

Malindi Marine National Park, located along the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya, is a stunning marine protected area known for its rich biodiversity, vibrant coral reefs, and clear blue waters. Here are several reasons why you should consider visiting Malindi Marine National Park:

  1. Coral Reefs and Marine Life:
    • Malindi Marine National Park is home to a diverse range of coral species, creating intricate and colorful coral reefs. Snorkeling and diving in the park offer a chance to witness a kaleidoscope of marine life, including various fish species, sea turtles, and other fascinating underwater creatures.
  2. Snorkeling and Diving Opportunities:
    • The clear waters of the Indian Ocean provide excellent visibility, making Malindi Marine National Park a prime destination for snorkeling and scuba diving. Explore the underwater world and encounter the beauty of the coral gardens and marine ecosystems.
  3. Coral Gardens:
    • The park features extensive coral gardens with a variety of hard and soft corals. These coral formations serve as habitats for numerous marine species and contribute to the overall health of the ecosystem.
  4. Glass-Bottom Boat Tours:
    • For those who prefer to stay dry while enjoying the underwater views, glass-bottom boat tours are available. These tours allow visitors to observe the marine life and coral formations without getting into the water.
  5. Birdwatching:
    • Malindi Marine National Park is not only rich in marine life but also attracts various bird species. Birdwatchers can spot coastal and migratory birds, adding an avian dimension to the natural beauty of the park.
  6. Watamu Turtle Watch:
    • The nearby Watamu Turtle Watch, which collaborates with local communities, is involved in the conservation of sea turtles. Visitors may have the opportunity to learn about turtle conservation efforts and witness turtle releases.
  7. Bio-Diversity Conservation:
    • The park plays a crucial role in conserving the biodiversity of the marine environment. Conservation efforts focus on protecting coral reefs, marine habitats, and the overall ecosystem, contributing to sustainable tourism practices.
  8. Educational Programs:
    • Malindi Marine National Park offers educational programs and guided tours for visitors to learn about marine life, coral conservation, and the importance of protecting coastal ecosystems.
  9. Water Sports:
    • The park provides opportunities for various water sports, including kayaking and paddleboarding. These activities allow visitors to enjoy the coastal scenery while engaging in recreational pursuits.
  10. Environmental Awareness:
    • A visit to the marine park can contribute to raising awareness about the importance of marine conservation and responsible tourism practices. Understanding the delicate balance of marine ecosystems is essential for promoting sustainable tourism.
  11. Beautiful Beaches:
    • The park is located in a scenic coastal area, offering beautiful sandy beaches where visitors can relax, soak up the sun, and enjoy the natural surroundings.

A visit to Malindi Marine National Park provides a unique opportunity to appreciate the beauty of Kenya’s marine life, contribute to conservation efforts, and engage in recreational activities in a pristine coastal environment. Whether you are a nature enthusiast, water sports lover, or someone seeking a serene coastal experience, the park offers a memorable and enriching journey.

How to go to Malindi Marine National Park?

Malindi Marine National Park is situated along the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya, near the town of Malindi. Here are the general steps on how to go to Malindi Marine National Park:

By Air:

  1. Flights to Malindi Airport:

    • Malindi has its own airport, Malindi Airport (MYD), which receives domestic flights. You can fly directly to Malindi from Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO) or Wilson Airport (WIL).

  2. Transport from Malindi Airport:

    • Upon arriving at Malindi Airport, you can take a taxi or arrange for transportation provided by your accommodation to reach Malindi Marine National Park, which is usually a short drive away.

By Road:

  1. From Mombasa:

    • If you are coming from Mombasa, you can travel to Malindi by road. The distance is approximately 120 kilometers, and the journey takes about 2-3 hours, depending on traffic and road conditions.

  2. Matatus and Buses:

    • Matatus (shared minivans) and buses operate between major towns, including Mombasa and Malindi. You can find matatu stages or bus terminals in each town for transportation to Malindi.

  3. Private Vehicles:

    • If you prefer a more private and direct mode of transportation, you can hire a taxi or use a private car hire service to drive from Mombasa to Malindi.

  4. From Nairobi:

    • If you are coming from Nairobi, you can travel to Malindi by road. The distance is approximately 500 kilometers, and the journey takes about 8-9 hours by car or bus.

  5. Matatus and Buses:

    • Matatus and buses operate between Nairobi and Malindi. You can find these modes of transportation at various bus terminals in Nairobi.

  6. Private Vehicles:

    • Alternatively, you can hire a taxi or use a private car hire service to drive from Nairobi to Malindi.


  1. Hotels and Resorts:

    • Malindi offers a range of hotels, resorts, and lodges where you can stay during your visit. Many accommodations provide transportation services or can assist in arranging transportation to Malindi Marine National Park.

Important Tips:

  • Accommodation Information:

    • Ensure you have the address and contact details of your accommodation in Malindi. This information is helpful for arranging transportation and ensuring a smooth arrival.

  • Park Entrance and Permits:

    • Check the operating hours, entrance fees, and any required permits for Malindi Marine National Park. Entrance fees may vary for residents and non-residents.

  • Local Transportation:

    • Taxis, tuk-tuks, and motorcycle taxis (boda-bodas) are common modes of local transportation within Malindi. You can use these services to get around the town and reach the marine park.

  • Weather Conditions:

    • Consider checking the weather conditions, especially if you plan water-based activities. Weather can affect the visibility and safety of snorkeling and diving.

Always check for the latest travel advisories and road conditions before embarking on your journey to Malindi Marine National Park. Whether you choose to fly or drive, the destination promises a stunning marine environment and a range of activities for visitors to enjoy.

Are there any halal food options around the Malindi Marine National Park?

Malindi, where Malindi Marine National Park is located, is a coastal town in Kenya with a diverse culinary scene that includes a variety of seafood and international cuisines. While specific halal restaurants may be limited, you can find restaurants and eateries offering halal-friendly options. Here are some tips to help you find halal food options in Malindi:

  1. Seafood Restaurants:
    • Malindi is known for its fresh seafood. Many seafood restaurants offer a selection of fish, prawns, and other seafood items that are generally halal. Confirm with the restaurant staff about their preparation methods.
  2. International Cuisine:
    • Some international restaurants in Malindi may offer halal-friendly options. Italian, Indian, and Middle Eastern cuisines often have dishes suitable for halal dietary preferences.
  3. Communication with Chefs:
    • When dining at a restaurant, communicate your dietary preferences, including the preference for halal food, with the chefs or kitchen staff. They may be able to prepare meals according to your requirements.
  4. Local Markets:
    • Explore local markets in Malindi where you can find fresh fruits, vegetables, and halal meat. You can purchase ingredients and prepare your own meals if you have access to a kitchen.
  5. Hotels and Resorts:
    • If you are staying at a hotel or resort in Malindi, inquire about their dining options. Many hotels strive to meet the dietary needs of their guests and may offer halal choices or modify dishes upon request.
  6. Street Food:
    • Some street food vendors may offer halal options, especially in areas with a diverse culinary scene. Be sure to inquire about the preparation and ingredients.
  7. Online Reviews and Recommendations:
    • Check online platforms, travel forums, or review sites for recommendations from other travelers who have visited Malindi. They may provide insights into halal-friendly dining options.
  8. Local Mosques:
    • Inquire at local mosques for recommendations on halal dining options. Locals may provide information on eateries that cater to halal dietary preferences.
  9. Self-Catering:
    • If you have access to a kitchen, consider purchasing halal ingredients from local markets or supermarkets and preparing your own meals.
  10. Halal Certification:
    • Some restaurants may have halal certification displayed. Check for signage or inquire with the restaurant staff about their halal certification status.

While Malindi may not have a large number of dedicated halal restaurants, being flexible with your dietary choices, communicating with local establishments, and exploring various dining options can help you find suitable meals. Always verify with restaurant staff regarding their practices and ingredient sourcing to ensure adherence to halal dietary preferences.

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