La Paz Bolivia World’s Highest Administrative Capital

La Paz, Bolivia is an incredibly vibrant and diverse city, surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Tourists can experience a mix of Inca and Spanish colonial architecture, museums with ancient artifacts, and colorful markets selling everything from traditional deities to alpaca sweaters. Adventurous travelers can explore the rugged landscapes of the Altiplano and the breathtaking snow-capped peaks of the Andes mountains. Whether you’re looking for an adventure or a cultural experience, La Paz is a must-see destination.

La Paz Bolivia World’s Highest Administrative Capital

La Paz Bolivia World’s Highest Administrative Capital Summary

  • Attraction: La Paz Bolivia
  • Continent: South America
  • Capital Name: La Paz, Sucre
  • Language: Spanish
  • Currency: Bolivian boliviano (BOB)
  • Nationality: Bolivian

La Paz is the political capital and largest city of Bolivia, offering visitors a mix of historical, cultural and educational attractions. From the iconic Maid of La Paz monument to the eclectic San Francisco Church and bustling Witches’ Market, La Paz has a wealth of cultural attractions and activities to explore. Adventurous travelers will be delighted to experience outdoor activities such as trekking in the Andean mountains, whitewater rafting, biking through the streets and valleys, and visiting the famous Lake Titicaca. La Paz is also home to a vibrant nightlife with a wide variety of bars, clubs, and restaurants to explore.

Tell Us About La Paz Bolivia

La Paz is the capital and largest city of the Plurinational State of Bolivia. It is a metropolitan area, as well as the world’s highest administrative capital, at an elevation of 3650 m. It is located in western Bolivia in the southern highlands, just northeast of Lake Titicaca. The city is considered the administrative, political, cultural and commercial center of Bolivia. It is also the headquarters of many international organizations and embassies.

The city has a thriving cultural life and a bustling nightlife that includes markets, clubs and festivals. The city is home to the San Francisco football team, one of the most successful clubs in Bolivia. La Paz has a number of museums, parks, theaters and galleries. It is home to the famous Bolivian Navy sailor’s corps and several universities.

La Paz is also a popular tourist destination with several mountaineering and trekking opportunities in the nearby Cordillera Real Mountain range. The city is well connected with bus, train and air services. Tourists may witness state of the art shopping facilities and explore colonial architecture. The Government Palace, the main cultural and administrative center of La Paz, is one of the highlights of the city.

What are the Things to do in La Paz Bolivia?

Things to do in La Paz Bolivia are:

  1. Explore the Indigenous Market: It is home to a large Indigenous population and has one of the most vibrant and lively markets in Bolivia. Here you can find traditional clothes, food and drink, crafts, jewelry and other items from around the country and from local Indigenous peoples. You’ll also see many interesting street performers and musicians.
  2. Take a Cable Car Ride: La Paz is home to the world’s largest and highest cable car system, known as “Mi Teleférico”. These cable cars provide a beautiful view of the city, as well as convenient access to many parts of the city.
  3. Visit the Witches’ Market: This market is must-see in La Paz. Here you can find items related to Bolivian traditional healing and spiritual practices. It is believed that these items can bring good luck, ward off bad luck and even help with healing.
  4. Explore Moon Valley: This stunning, moon-like landscape is truly something special. It is an incredible natural wonder and must-see when in La Paz. Here you can explore all the unique rock formations and take some amazing pictures.
  5. Shop at Sagarnaga Street: La Paz’s main street and shopping area. Here you can find shopping malls, local stores, restaurants, coffee shops and more. It is a great place to explore the traditional and modern Bolivian culture.
  6. Visit the San Francisco Church: This church is one of the most important churches and is home to some amazing artworks. It is an amazing experience to visit these enchanting and spiritual places.
  7. Check out the Hanging Graves of Sajama: Not far from here is Sajama National Park where you can find many interesting graves which hang off the sides of huge cliffs. It is an interesting sight which you must see.
  8. Visit the Valley of the Moon: The Valley of the Moon is a magical place and an important symbol of the indigenous people. Here you can wander the many trails and have some amazing views.
  9. Hike the Wall: This is an iconic wall which can be seen all over La Paz. It is a great place to enjoy a challenging hike with some amazing views.
  10. Go Sandboarding: This place has some interesting sand dunes which can be used for sandboarding. It is a fun activity to do with some incredible views.

What are the Best Foods at La Paz Bolivia?

The best foods at La Paz Bolivia are:

  1. Salteñas: Salteñas are a traditional Bolivian pastry filled with meat and vegetables, commonly eaten as a snack or main meal.
  2. Pastel de Lomo: This is an oven-baked pastry filled with diced steak, vegetables, and olives.
  3. Papas Rellenas: These deep-fried mashed potato balls are filled with a mixture of beef, egg, olives, and spices.
  4. Salchipapas: These street snacks consist of french fries topped with slices of hot dog and a variety of sauces.
  5. Sajta de Pollo: This is a traditional Bolivian dish made of sautéed chicken, onions, tomato, and spices.
  6. Carne Asada: Grilled steak with a variety of seasonings, often served with llajua (Bolivian hot sauce).
  7. Silpancho: A dish made with shredded beef, fried eggs, and rice, usually served with a side of llajua.
  8. Chicharrón: This is a popular dish made from fried pork skin, often served with a rice and salad.
  9. Fricase: This is a stew made with potatoes and beef, simmered for a few hours until the beef is very tender.
  10. Cuñapé: These are pieces of fried yucca dough that is served with cheese and eggs.

What are the Best Hotels to Stay in La Paz Bolivia?

Some of the best hotels in La Paz Bolivia including:

  1. Hotel Europa
  2. Mercure La Paz Bardini
  3. Hotel Mamita
  4. Comfort Hotel
  5. Grand Hotel
  6. Hotel Boutique San Camilo
  7. Novotel Hotel
  8. Hotel Eureka
  9. Hotel Urbano
  10. Las Brisas Hotel

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