La Compania Church Ecuador

La Compañia Church in Quito, Ecuador, is one of the oldest and most beautiful churches in South America. Constructed during the mid-sixteenth century, the church is a stunning example of colonial architecture, featuring white-washed walls and red-tiled roofs. The interior of the church is filled with baroque-style decorations, elaborately carved wooden chapels, and a vast collection of religious artifacts. Visitors to La Compañia can admire some of the most stunning artworks in Latin America, including a wooden fountain and an organ made of silver and gold.

La Compania Church Ecuador

La Compania Church Ecuador Summary

  • Attraction: La Compania Church Ecuador
  • Country: Ecuador
  • Continent: South America
  • Capital Name: Quito
  • Language: Spanish
  • Currency: the US Dollar
  • Nationality: Ecuadorian

La Compania Church Ecuador is one of the most iconic religious landmarks in the country. This stunning historical building stands as an emblem of the religious and cultural heritage of Ecuador, and is home to one of the most impressive interior religious decorations in the world. This baroque church also houses a library and a museum, giving visitors a look into the past. Visiting La Compania Church Ecuador is an unforgettable experience that no traveler should miss.

Tell Us About La Compania Church Ecuador

La Compania Church is located in Quito, Ecuador. It is an iconic example of Latin American Baroque style architecture. It was originally constructed between 1605 and 1612 to be the mother church for the Spanish colonial city. La Compania Church is a remarkably preserved example of 17th century religious architecture, built by Jesuit priests and designed to impress the new converts to Roman Catholicism.

It became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978. Inside, the church is lavishly decorated with works of art and intricate carvings. There are several noteworthy features of the church, including 34 canvases depicting the life of Saint Ignatius of Loyola. It is open to visitors seven days a week and admission is free.

What are the Things to do in La Compania Church Ecuador?

La Compania Church in Quito, Ecuador is one of the most important religious buildings in the city. It is designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and one of the best-preserved examples of Baroque architecture in Latin America. It is a wonderful place to explore and admire the stunning art and decorations. Here are some of the things to do when visiting La Compania Church:

  1. Admire the facades – Admire the two facades of La Compania Church. The original facade is the Holy Trinity, noted for its intricate design and sparkling golden details. The second one is the Façade of Jesus, completed in the 19th century, with a different but equally impressive style.
  2. Visit the interior – Explore the interior of La Compania Church, where you will find a jaw-dropping selection of artwork and sculptures that demonstrate almost every art style seen throughout Latin America. Be sure to enjoy the well-known painting of the Virgin of Belen, located in the left nave.
  3. Check out the museum – Located right next to La Compania Church is the spectacular Museum of Religious Art. Here you will find some of the most beautiful works of religious art in the city, including woodcarvings and canvases depicting Biblical stories.
  4. Climb to the cupola – Climb up to the cupola at La Compania Church to get an amazing view of Quito. Be sure to grab your camera as you can get some stunning shots from here.
  5. Admire the clock tower – Right next to the church you can also find its remarkable clock tower, constructed in the 18th century. Don’t miss the chance to take some photos of this historical symbol of Quito.

These are just some examples of the many things to do at La Compania Church in Quito. Take your time to explore and enjoy the historical treasures of this wonderful building.

What are the Best Foods at La Compania Church Ecuador?

La Compania Church Ecuador’s food is some of the best in the country. The tastiest dishes are usually based on traditional recipes that have been passed down through generations. Popular dishes include locro de papa, a hearty potato soup; ceviche, a seafood dish marinated in lime juice; mote pillo, a boiled corn dish; fanesca, a fish soup made with several types of beans and grains; and seco de chivo, a stew of goat meat. Desserts such as arroz con leche and pan de yucca (yucca bread) are also a must-try. All of these dishes are delicious and provide a unique glimpse into Ecuadorian culture and cuisine.

What are the Best Hotels to Stay in La Compania Church Ecuador?

Some of the best hotels in La Compania Church Ecuador are:

  1. La Casona de La Compañia – Boutique Hotel, Cuenca
  2. Hotel Mansion Alcazar, Cuenca
  3. Hotel La Compañia de Jesús, Cuenca
  4. San Jose Hotel Rooms and Suites, Cuenca
  5. San Jorge Hotel and restaurant, Cuenca
  6. La Casona del Río, Cuenca
  7. Hotel Cuna del Angel, Cuenca
  8. The Robinson Inn Cuenca, Cuenca
  9. The Orchid Hotel Boutique, Cuenca
  10. Hotel Villa Elisa, Cuenca

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